Jun 032012

PicsToKnits now using WordPress

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  1. Is this application down? When I tried to use it this is what happened. I uploaded an image fine; I selected an area and clicked “reduce colours and crop”; I got a dead image link on the color substitution page; I typed a name and clicked “Make Pattern”; I got this error:

    FPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file: ../../uploads/uploadedimages/phpfvIWqY_crop.gif_sq-0.gif

    Hope this helps you debug. I would love to use your app–it’s a really cool idea!

    Barclay Dunn

  2. Hi, I just tried out the custom pattern generation (the same as I tried it in Feb ’13, above) and it seems to be failing the same as it was then. I just wanted to offer to help: I’m a developer (Java, Javascript, PHP, Perl), and I would be happy to try to resolve whatever is going wrong with the generator, if you don’t have time. This is a unique tool that I haven’t seen duplicated anywhere (though I haven’t searched much in the past few months) and it seems a shame for it not to be fully operational. Best regards, Barclay

  3. Can you use this software with crocheting? If not, can you recommend a site that does. I would love to do photos of my family.

  4. is there anybody find where the patterns are downloaded

  5. Love your site. Used it to make a “communication” lap afghan for a friend who had a stroke. He loved it!
    Question: where do all the patterns one submits go when asked to save them?

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