Jun 152012

The Instructables site have made a cushion using PicsToKnits of their Robot logo. They have done a great job of not only demonstrating how to use this site but also knitting an absolutely fabulous cushion. They went with the classic dimensions of 2×2 squares

knitted robot cushion

completed knitted robot cushion

The Instructables user KiteWife has included photos of the process of putting together the squares

left side of Robot cushion

Left side of the robot cushion

This is the original image that she used to convert to a knitting pattern. It shows that often simple images work better than photographs as a starting point

Original Robot image

Original Robot image

And here is the pattern from PicsToKnits that she worked from. Thanks for doing such a great job!

  3 Responses to “Robot cushion”

  1. i’m glad i discovered the site and i can’t wait to put it to use, but can’t we have more examples of completed projects? i’m not sure i could ever undertake a project using 32 colors for example.

  2. hi dear. i am trying to write a code in matlab to do exactly what you have done here in your website. Ill be glad if you could guide me how can i do it. i just need to know what matlab function(s) i need to use to list up the colors used in my image . ill appreciate if you can email me about it.TQ

  3. Thank you so much. I am making a “communication lap afghan” for a friend using your site. I will try to send a photo when it is done. I will definitely give you credit on Knitting Paradise website! Wish you could develop one for crochet.

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