step by step guide


This guide will illustrate how to create a knitting pattern for a blanket from a digital image using the PicsToKnits website. We have included screen shots of every step which also shows each of its main functions.

Base image

Its important remember that some images will lend themselves to the pattern conversion process better than other. A photograph is being used as the base image in this guide but quite often you will get better results from a simpler image such as clipart which has large blocks of colour. The image we will use is this:

Choose your project

The patterns from PicsToKnits are made up of knitted squares, a larger project will have more squares. Using a larger size final project will allow you to have more definition in the final design as there will be more stitches to utilize. Each completed square is 20cm x 20cm, so a project such as a mini-blanket which is made up of 15 squares in a 5 x 3 grid will have final dimensions of 100cm x 60cm:

5 squares of 20cm each = 100cm;
3 squares of 20cm each = 60 cm

For this guide we will be making a blanket with 9 columns and 6 rows (180cm x 120cm). As well as the predefined dimensions for common projects you could alternatively select a custom number of columns and rows. Select the project size:

Upload the image

Click the “Browse” button to select your image file from your computer and the “Upload” to start the conversion process:

There are a few restrictions to the type of image that can be used:

  • only filetypes jpg, gif, png
  • maximum filesize 2MB
  • minimum dimensions of 60 x 60 pixels

Reduce colours and crop

To make the pattern actually knittable the number of colours used within the image has to be reduced to a manageable amount from the potentially thousands that may be present in the original image. There are 6 presets for this colour reduction which are 2, 4, 8, 16 24 and 32 colours. Once an image is uploaded it will be automatically reduced and displayed as 2 colours. To preview how other colour reduction options will affect the image click the thumbnail preview strip under the main image:

Clicking on one of these will scroll in a main image which corresponds to the thumbnail strip. This is how you choose the number of colours your final